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Changing jobs in agribusiness – what should I watch out for?

Updated: May 16

A blog post in the series: Changing jobs in agribusiness - What's the best way to go about it? by Jochen Riebensahm, Riebensahm Agribusiness Recruiting | Partner & Agribusiness Lead 'Livestock & Technology'

What should you find out in detail about when changing jobs within or into agribusiness, including the pet industry?

As a job seeker, it is important for you to be informed about the job market and current trends in order to improve your job prospects and make better career-related decisions.

We have selected essential aspects that you should know and take to heart in relation to the labor market in agribusiness:

Industry trends: Find out about the trends and developments in agribusiness such as precision farming, animal population development, the importance of organic farming or pet food and adapt your skills and experience to the requirements.

Job Prospects: Examine the job prospects for your agribusiness sub-sector and position. Consider factors such as job growth, demand, labor market supply and competition.

Compensation packages/salaries: Find out about the current salaries and compensation for your position and industry. These vary greatly, for example, depending on the sub-sector of agribusiness, the region of activity or the required educational qualification. Recruiters with comprehensive personnel and industry expertise from the agribusiness are the most reliable source of information.

Qualifications: Check the requirements and qualifications for the positions you are applying for to ensure you have the required skills and knowledge.

Flexibility: Remain open about your willingness to move and travel or what different locations and work formats (e.g. remote, on site, with customers) to increase your chances of getting the job that suits you increase. Inflexible candidates have been shown to have lower chances of success.

Further education: Invest in your further education and continuously improve your skills and knowledge (lifelong learning) to remain competitive on the job market. Your unique selling point(s) must be constantly "maintained".

Overall, staying informed about the agribusiness job market, including the petcare industry, and its dynamics is important to increase your chances of a successful career.

If you have any questions about the job market in agribusiness, including pets, or simply want to get your bearings, it is advisable to contact a recruitment agency with the relevant personnel and industry expertise. Make sure that the consultant has also worked in the relevant industry and has an idea! This will go a long way towards being better informed and increasing your chances of a successful job hunt! Talk to us:

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