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Intuition and Courage are critical to initiate Change:A Guide to Career Advancement

Updated: May 16

Blog post by Stefano Pettinella - Partner & Pet Industry Lead of Riebensahm Agribusiness Recruiting

Recently, I stumbled over this quote by S. McNutt. At first, I wondered whether "S. McNutt" was fictional or a real person. It turns out that Sylvester McNutt III is a 9-time bestselling author, podcaster, public speaker, and father from Chicago. Sylvester teaches people how they can change their attitude through self-awareness and self-discipline.

Overthinking: biggest waste of human energy
Overthinking: biggest waste of human energy

Sylvester's quote made me pause and think. It has something to it and it underscores the principle of one of my best supervisors, mentors, and role models I have ever had: the late Randy Partee, then executive at Hill's Pet Nutrition. He consistently emphasized that it is always better to make a decision than making no decision, because even suboptimal or wrong decisions can be corrected at any time.

And to make decisions, first and foremost courage is required! Decisions are based on rational, but also emotional considerations – the latter being our "gut feeling". Both dimensions can be ignored or one can simply ponder endlessly – with good or bad gut feelings.

Sylvester's quote also resonated with me because it emphasizes the importance of acting over excessive thinking and brooding. It touches on several key concepts:

  1. The trap of overthinking: Excessive thinking can lead to decision paralysis. Searching for the perfect outcome is "wasting energy" in analyzing every conceivable option..

  2. Trust yourself: Believe in your own abilities and judgments – our intuition, our "sixth sense".

  3. Learn through experience: The practical experience gained from making brave decisions and acting upon them, has greater value than abstract perfectionism.

  4. Reject perfection: Strive for unattainable ideals is an illusion. Imperfections are part of human existence. Progress is often only achieved through agility: assess, adjust and then, crucially, act..

Entscheidungen treffen
Wie geht es weiter?

For those seeking a career change or simply more fulfillment, Sylvester McNutt’s quote (and the advice of my mentor Randy Partee) has deep relevance. Often one gets caught in an "analysis paralysis," endlessly pondering options without ever making a decision. Sylvester encourages breaking this cycle and taking concrete steps towards change, even if not all the answers are clear from the beginning. This also requires accepting imperfection. The fear of mistakes or not achieving perfection can be paralyzing. His emphasis on the fact that action can also lead to imperfect results, which are still valuable, helps put this fear into perspective. It reminds us that experiences and learning from mistakes are often more valuable than stagnation in “supposed” safety.t.

We can help you put Sylvester’s guidance into action and stop wasting your energy on overthinking. As experienced consultants and business coaches with industry, personnel, and leadership expertise, we are particularly qualified as your sparring partners on your journey of self-awareness. We would be happy to accompany you on this journey,

Contact us today so you don't stop halfway to developing your full potential!

Stefano Pettinella – Pet Industry Lead

Michael Witt – Agribusiness Lead ’Crop’ 

Dr. Jochen Riebensahm - Agribusiness Lead ’Livestock & Technology’ 

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