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Does less responsibility make you happy?

Updated: May 16

A blog post in the series: 'Changing jobs in agribusiness' by Bettina Lichtenberg

"I don't want to be a manager anymore." I hadn't expected that. I had known the man on the screen for a long time, we used to be colleagues and I knew that he was a respected manager.

When I cautiously asked what had changed, he explained: "Leadership means responsibility. And this responsibility is becoming more and more. It's getting too much for me."

I hear that again and again - in very different professions.

But is it really about the responsibility itself?

There are often other causes: stress, a challenging working environment, excessive demands and the constant juggling between different roles.

Here are 5 tips on how you can better deal with this feeling:

1.      Reflection: what stresses you out? Is it the responsibility or are there other reasons?

2.      Change your perspective: talk to someone you trust or a coach.

3.      Prioritization: Not everything that is urgent is also important.

4.      Set boundaries: It's okay to say no - you don't always have to take on everything.

5.      Self-care: Consciously take time for yourself.

Responsibility, flexibility or salary are often just placeholders for deeper needs and desires that are not fulfilled at work.

It is crucial to recognize the real reasons behind these placeholders. What are you really looking for in your life and career?

For my former colleague, it was the pressure of always having to be perfect.

The solution: delegating tasks to his team and clearly communicating his expectations.

His biggest realization was that he doesn't carry all the responsibility alone, but is well supported by his


Before you think that less responsibility is the solution, ask yourself: What is really behind this? And what do you need to feel satisfied?

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