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No-Gos in the personal interview

Updated: May 16

A blog post in the series 'Job Change in Agribusiness' by Dr. Jochen Riebensahm, Agribusiness Lead 'Livestock & Technology' and Partner of Riebensahm Agribusiness Recruiting.

Before making the final decision on whether to hire a candidate, companies continue to attach great importance to getting to know each other in person. Even though more and more job interviews are taking place via video, the aspect of whether you can "smell" each other, whether the chemistry is right, can only be clarified in a personal meeting.

We also recommend that you ask the company for a personal meeting with the new supervisor and also gain an impression of the working atmosphere in the company on site.

Here are some "no-go's" or behaviors you should avoid at all costs during your in-person interview:

  • Lack of preparation: Show that you have prepared for the interview by researching information about the company, the products, the position and the business environment. Being unprepared indicates a lack of interest. This includes not preparing good quality questions in advance.

  • Tardiness: Always show up on time for the interview. Tardiness signals disinterest and a lack of appreciation for the employer's time.

  • Inappropriate dress: Dress appropriately for the industry and company you are applying to. It is better to dress too formally than too casually.

  • Negative language: Avoid negative comments about previous employers, colleagues or work experiences. Stay positive and focus on your strengths and achievements.

  • Exaggerations: Self-confidence is important, but exaggerating your skills or experience can quickly be perceived as arrogance.

  • Distractions: Switch off your mobile phone or put it on silent to avoid distractions during the interview. During the interview, focus solely on the person you are talking to and what they are saying.

  • Lack of gratitude: Don't forget to at least thank them for the invitation and the conversation at the end of the interview.

It is important to remember that interviews are a way for employers and applicants to get to know each other better. By behaving professionally and respectfully, you increase your chances of making a good impression and getting a chance at the job you want.

If you have any questions about this or the whole topic of interviews, please contact the consultants and coaches at Riebensahm Agribusiness Recruiting:

  1. Stefano Pettinella – Pet Industry Lead & Coach | LINK

  2. Michael Witt – Agribusiness Lead ’Crop’ & Coach | LINK

  3. Dr. Jochen Riebensahm - Agribusiness Lead ’Livestock & Technology’ & Coach |

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