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Changing jobs in uncertain times?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

A blog post in the series: 'Changing jobs in agribusiness - What should I consider in any case?'

by Michael Witt - Recruitment Consultant and Agribusiness Lead 'Crop'.

Again and again we hear from our candidates the question:

Should I currently - despite the economically and geopolitically challenging situation - dare to change jobs?

The economic view

Agribusiness has already proven in the Corona pandemic that the sector is 'systemically relevant'. The bottom line is that 'food is always eaten' and therefore livestock is fed or crop production is supplied with inputs. In fact, some of our customers have had the best results in their company's history in recent years due to global dynamics and new shortages.

Of course, it is not possible to make a general comment here. However, thanks to our experience in the industry, we have information on the specific employer and its environment, which we actively incorporate into our consulting services.

At the same time, it is important for you as a candidate to consider that your current, seemingly secure employer can also get into difficulties because important market trends are ignored, the owners unexpectedly sell their shares in the company or because upheaval situations arise due to pronounced dependencies such as an excessive focus on individual markets (example Russia-Ukraine).

The psychological view

Life is constantly in a state of tension between desired stability on the one hand and personal development on the other.

Both needs are found in one and the same person and are completely 'normal'. Many of our potential candidates are the main breadwinners of their families. At the same time, too much need for security carries the risk of not taking advantage of interesting opportunities!

Your current employer may give you security, but does it reward your loyalty? Have promises been kept? Do you trust your current supervisor?

The professional view

Suppose you stay for security reasons but are not really happy. How many crisis years do you want to "sit out"? Do you then still have the energy to set out anew? Do additional years in the same position quickly add up, which you would actually rather give up today than tomorrow?

Good reasons for wanting to change are:

Professional development

You have been in the same position for a longer period of time and want to gain new experience. A lack of options to take the next career step in the current company is also a common reason for wanting to change. In order for this to be successful, it must be carefully prepared. We would be happy to support you in taking stock. Maybe a further discussion with your direct superior makes sense after all?

International experience

Your current employer is only active regionally or nationally.

Personal reasons

Your partner is working at another location or has changed there.

Your next step

Feel free to contact us. Our consulting around job and career issues in Agribusiness is free of charge for you and we help you to clarify the question "What do I really want?"

Based on our many years of personnel and industry expertise in agribusiness, including the pet industry, we will provide you with competent support to ensure an excellent 'match' between you and our clients.

Bettina Lichtenberg - Coaching Lead |

Stefano Pettinella - Pet Industry Lead |

Dr. Jochen Riebensahm - Agribusiness Lead 'Livestock & Technology' |

Michael Witt - Agribusiness Lead 'Crop' |

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