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Alternative Routes into the Workplace?

Updated: 1 day ago

A blog post in the series: 'Changing jobs in agribusiness - What should I consider in any case?'

by Jochen Riebensahm | Riebensahm Agribusiness Recruiting | Partner & Agribusiness Lead 'Livestock & Technology'

Which paths should you use to get to the new job? This is a frequently asked question in our consultations

Within the framework of a professionally planned application strategy, it is important that you first become aware of which different channels you can and even should use to find the job that suits you?

There are diverse ways to get to a new job. Here are some suggestions:

Use online job portals:

there are many websites where companies post job ads. Some popular job portals are Indeed, StepStone, Agrajo and Karrero.


Networking is one of the most effective ways to find a job. Talk to friends, family and contacts in your industry, agribusiness, to see if they know of any openings or can refer you to someone who can help.

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Apply directly to companies:

If you have a company you would like to work for, search for open positions on their website and apply on your own initiative.

Use social media:

Many companies also post their job openings on social media channels like xing and LinkedIn. Follow the companies you want to work for to stay up to date.

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Contact a recruiter:

Recruiters match candidates with open positions at companies, here a key advantage is that recruiters have access to the "hidden job market", i.e. open positions that are not publicly offered anywhere. Reputable

Recruiters have a strong network in the focused industry, i.e. in agribusiness, and bring another very important added value for applicants: They help to classify which next career step really makes sense, give honest feedback and act as coaches. At the same time, the personnel consultant supports you in the entire process of your application.

In any case, it is advisable to use a combination of these methods to increase your chances of finding a new job, or contact us:

Stefano Pettinella – Pet Industry Lead -

Michael Witt -Agribusiness Lead 'Crop' -

Dr. Jochen Riebensahm - Agribusiness Lead ’Livestock & Technology’ -

*Note: if we choose the masculine form in our posts or blogs, this naturally refers to all genders.

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