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Work-life balance more important than ever!

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Ein blog post in the 'Leadership' series by Bettina Lichtenberg

When I gave up my career as a business editor in the 1990s and switched to corporate communications at a large corporation, I had already read about work-life balance and couldn't really imagine what that was supposed to be.

I liked being a journalist, but I didn't see any prospects of getting ahead. In addition, I no longer wanted the completely unplannable working hours with late and weekend shifts.

I knew that some companies had health management programs in place to improve work-life balance. But not with us.

I will never forget that one day our boss said:

I can't use anyone who needs a work-life balance.

Now a lot has changed over time. However, many companies for Generation Y only realized late that a rethinking of management is necessary.

Flexible working hours, consideration for the work-life balance and performance-related remuneration strengthen employee motivation and loyalty.

But among Generation X, who still make up around half of managers today, there is still little understanding of work-life balance.

And that's one of the reasons why, after all these years, we're mostly not well balanced.

Work-life balance - i.e. the compatibility of work and private life - is an important part of self-care when it comes to balancing the responsibilities for everyday work, free time, relationships and of course family.

And while it should go without saying, a lot of people struggle to find a good balance. Especially since, due to modern technology and hybrid work, areas of life are becoming ever closer together and differentiation is becoming more difficult.

There are some studies in western industrialized countries and they all confirm that the majority of employees feel that their work-life balance is not working.

Everyone probably knows that uncomfortable feeling when the to-do list on one side of the work-life scale is endless and you can't keep up. And it's the same with the feeling that on the other side of the scale, things like family and free time, flexibility and a good balance don't seem to count at all anymore. Bringing life into a good work-life balance and keeping it permanently is a continuous process.This process is worthwhile - for the employees and for the company.

Actually it is incomprehensible, because it is absolutely undisputed that diseases like

  • High blood pressure

  • Back pain

  • Heart and circulatory diseases

  • Sleep disorders

  • Chronic Headaches

usually due to stress.

With a good work-life balance, there are fewer health problems, productivity is better and the risk of burnout is significantly reduced.

In addition, a good balance contributes a lot to good work, satisfaction and motivation.

Employees want to do a good job. They just don't want to get caught up in their work. Clear rules for more balance ensure that employees are more productive and committed.

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